The electrification of light vehicles | Roland Berger

Is the transition from ICE to electric vehicles on Europe's roads a boon or a bane for the automotive aftermarket?


Hasmeet Kaur und Matthieu Simon



The automotive industry is experiencing rapid transformation. One particular trend – the electrification of light vehicles – has been high on the agenda of automotive executives for several years already, and with the European Council’s recent confirmation of the proposed regulation to only allow new cars and vans with zero CO² emissions from 2035, the direction of travel for the automotive industry is clear. For players in the aftermarket, this presents particular challenges – even after 2035, a large number of vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) will remain on Europe’s roads. The reasons: Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) have around 30% lower demand for traditional aftermarket components and BEV sales forecasts project a 53 to 82% market share in 2030. What can players in the aftermarket do to master the challenges? And how can they best position themselves to capture the opportunities?